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Non-concordance is a major issue in the treatment and prevention of leg ulcers with patients stating pain, discomfort and heat being some of the reasons patients were unable to tolerate treatment RCN, Any side effects such as maceration around the wound would be observed.

With the population aging and more services needed within the community setting, district nursing teams have to evolve to meet the needs of their patients Department of Health, and nurse prescribing is a part of this change.

Connecting — discussing with the patient the nature of the problem Summarising — feedback to the patient, ensuring information is accurate so no misunderstandings take place Handing over — form and discuss management plan, ensuring patient understands what has been agreed on Safety-netting — further follow up, referrals and investigations Housekeeping — writing up clinical notes and dictating referral letters Jane is a 64 year old lady who lives with her husband and they enjoy a reasonably active social life.

Factors surrounding age are important. Older people are often on multiple medications therefore; prescriber needs to be aware of contraindications before prescribing.

Benbow Alginates are found to be more absorbent than hydrocolloid dressings. Most patients are very supportive and have a very positive attitude towards nurse prescribing, even if some find it a little unusual.

This is viewed as more of a positive step as it allows the patient to be central to any decision making which results in less non-compliance. Jane had attempted to make some lifestyle changes over the past couple of years, but these had not been a success, however Jane has increased her physical activity and had been attending a weight management programme organised by her GP practice nurse.

It was necessary to undertake a holistic assessment in order to plan the wound care management. A prescription for Sorbsan 10cm x 10cm along with a secondary dressing Allevyn Adhesive On examination the GP found she was suffering with a sacral pressure sore, but she was unsure of how long she had the pressure sore for.

The Doppler assessment showed a reading of 0. The GP should be made aware of newly prescribed products as soon as practically possible and no later than 48 hours after the prescription was issued NMC, Williams and Young In addition to choosing suitable products the dose, formulation and the duration of the treatment should be considered for each individual patient.

Analysis — I performed the consultation in a professional manner but used language that the patient could easily understand.

Nurse Prescribing

Nurse prescribing has an important contribution to make in the service to patients and clients and the advantages were acknowledged in the Crown Report 1 Jane is known to the district nurses as she has had a history of venous leg ulcers for the past 3 years and attends the district nursing leg ulcer clinic on a weekly basis.

Prescribing situations can be considered as a contract between the patient and the prescriber, this being known as concordance. Although a Doppler assessment can indicate the ABPI reading it should not be relied on alone and must form part of a thorough assessment Keen, Contact numbers for the District Nursing Service were given to Katherine on an information leaflet, in case she had any problems, such as exudate leaking around the dressing.

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It should be noted on the wound assessment if the dressing is to be changed by a qualified nurse or any team member, especially if the wound is fragile or complex in nature.

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The third step of the prescribing pyramid NPC b is the consideration of which product to prescribe. She has been retired for 4 years from her employment as a primary school teacher and although she had not been very physically active since retirement she has recently commenced golf lessons.

Alginate dressings can be changed every 2 — 7 days, depending on the wound requirements. Influences on nurse prescribing can be many and this can impact on the decision making process, prescribers can face various ethical dilemmas during their everyday practice Adams, These lifestyle changes resulted in a steady weight loss over the past 3 months which should improve her overall health and assist in reducing the likelihood of further problems with leg ulcers Van Hecke et al, Ieee research papers on led disciplined student essay on china unemployment after college essay mla standards for research paper essay writing company reviews quora.

Prescriptions that are hand written should written legibly in black ink and should be dated, state the full name of the patient, address, date of birth, age and be signed by the prescriber NPF, The importance of increased fluid intake and nutritional input were discussed, informing Katherine that due to having a exuding wound it was essential to replace the loss of fluid and proteins to ensure effective wound healing.

I considered that a better alternative would be the Class 2 British Standard stocking in an open toe which would continue to give a compression pressure of mmHg but would be more comfortable for Jane and was within the range recommended Anderson, Jane stated that the hosiery previously prescribed had been a stocking that she found quite difficult to apply and very warm to wear particularly during the summer months.

Nurse Prescribing

However Bryant suggests that this can be a daunting experience for the nurse when faced with taking on the sole responsibility for the treatment of the patient and this can prove to be a deterrent to some nurses when offered the opportunity to study for this role.

More essays like this: Jean initially appeared anxious, but once I reassured her that she would be included in any decisions made and that I would explain each stage of the assessment to her, she appeared to relax.

This essay discusses the evolution of nurse prescribing in the context of legislation and political element, with the consideration of how t. nurse prescribing v a case study essay. university of the west of scotland nurse prescribing v case study course: nurs banner number: b date of submission 13/12/10 course leader frances downer word count: contents page 1.

introduction & general overview, pgs 2. The development of nurse prescribing will be outlined, followed by a reflective case study in which ethical and legal implications will be discussed and finally a reflective conclusion will be drawn.

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Where appropriate the paper will be written in the first person (Webb ). writing a argumentative essay zeros, how to write a academic essay introduction which country would you like to visit essay john f kennedy speech analysis essay (how to write a closing statement for a persuasive essay) psya4 media essays on leadership word count in the essay.

Essay writing mechanics review locavorism essay short essay about. Nursing and Midwifery Council () The Code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. London, NMC. Nursing and Midwifery Council () Standards of proficiency for nurse and midwife prescribers.

London, NMC. National Prescribing Centre () Signposts for prescribing nurses-general principles of good prescribing. Introduction. The following assignment will discuss and analyse a prescribing episode, within practice, furthermore will outline safe prescribing from the Nurse Prescribing Formulary (NPF, ).To be able to analyse and reflect on my new role as Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber (CPNP) I will use Gibbs () reflective .

Nurse prescribing essays
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